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While Mountain Biking Seems Fun & Easy, It’s Still Vital To Know Key Things

Getting into a sport or an intensive activity such as mountain biking should not be done in haste. Although it is without a doubt an extremely fun and refreshing activity, it is nevertheless important for beginners to know a couple of things beforehand about mountain biking. Once you know them, you get to enjoy this activity even more. In this blog, our aim is to make your entry into this exciting activity as simple as possible. We have listed down some points that you should definitely consider. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Every mountain biking trail isn’t the same and neither is the bike. Mountain biking is in a way like the interval training. If you do not know what your fitness level is and you opt for a trail that is way beyond your fitness level, it is obvious that you will unknowingly hurt yourself. So, when starting out for the first time, our advice is that you take into account your fitness level and accordingly select trails. And bring enough water with you on your mountain rides

  • Do not make the mistake of looking at the ground while riding. Most rookie mountain bikers make this mistake. Instead of looking at the ground, look in the direction where you’re aiming to go. Just do one thing: keep the chin parallel to the ground and try to look as far as you can down the trail
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  • You must have seen mountain bikers wearing sunglasses. Eye protection is a good idea but not a necessity. Clear glasses are best and help prevent debris from making its way into the eyes of the rider., tree limbs, etc.

  • Learn to shift your weight when riding over rough terrain. Don’t feel scared when you find yourself on a difficult patch of land. The most important thing is to position your weight over and off the seat . When you are in uphill situation, your goal should be to maintain an equal amount of your weight , half distributed over the seat and rear the other part, your upper body, needs to be low down and over the handle bars , which you can do by shifting your weight forward. For downhill situation, do the opposite, which is shifting the weight back. To do this you’ll need to stand up on your pedals turning them into a platform so you can shift your Butt back and over the back of the seat keeping in mind you are no longer sitting on that seat. With the weight now on you feet and back your center of balance shifts to the rear and the front of the bike is much easier to handle as you are literally separated from the bumps you hit. Non of those bumps get absorbed into your spine cause your knees become the shock absorber. tHE BIKE MAY MOVE UNDER YOU BUT YOU NO LONGER ARE EFFECTED BY THE JARRING

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