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5 Easy to Moderate Mountain Biking Trails in Maine You Must Experience

Heading to the mountain on a bike is an excellent way to skip the hustle-bustle of city life, connect with nature, and, at the same time, give yourself a much-needed adrenaline kick, which keeps, in some ways, humans alive. Fortunately for those living in Maine, US, there is no shortage of off-road Mt biking trails in Maine, which anyone can embark on and enjoy, even if they do not have a bike, through mountain biking tours.

When in Portland escape your mundane routine for a day or two by partaking in mountain biking in Maine, here are the top three off-road trails for you:


The Evergreen

For those new to the sport, The Evergreen Cemetery is an ideal location for gaining some experience in mountain biking. Being the second-largest cemetery in Maine, it comprises a park area with a network of wooded trails, which are more than perfect for biking and embracing their beauty. You can get the trail maps from the cemetery’s office, which is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m one weekday.

The Fore River Sanctuary

Home to Jewell Falls, which is Portland‘s only natural waterfall, The Fore River Sanctuary is an 85-acre stretch that offers plenty of opportunities to spend some time in nature. Its lowland areas, where freshwater and saltwater meet, let you enjoy birdwatching. This Mt biking trail in Maine takes you to Jewell Falls, which is a treat to the eyes, primarily because of its surroundings.

When at Back Country Excursions

Challenge yourself on some fun beginner singletracks Boa, Anaconda, and Katys’ Run. Here is where looking ahead is very important. And as their names imply these are twisty

These 4 miles of trails is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, throwing a beautiful loop with in-between scenic views of rocky areas. On this trail, you will find rolling terrains, easily negotiated singletrack and doubletrack, and a few dramatic elevation changes. You will also meander through the plantation stands of Red and White Pines. Get on this mountain biking trail in Maine if you are looking for a moderate trail for the weekend.

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